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  Computer Repairs & Services

We at Pro-IT Computer and Technical Services offer you professional and reliable IT Support. We have skilled and experienced technicians who will offer you:


Service and Upgrades:

Remote support:

A cost-effective option… for the small niggles! Using safe, secure login software, we access your computer remotely (once-off and only with your permission using a key generating login system that cannot be re-used) and sort out that pesky file that won’t open or the document that won’t attach… without a physical callout and at a fraction of the price.  A great solution if your budget is stretched or if distance is an issue. Getting you back on track with a smile!

Preventative services:

Computers can be seriously affected by dust and dirt. If computers

are not cleaned on a regular basis there can be a decrease in

performance and reliability, overheating, and hardware malfunction.

We offer a detailed and professional cleaning service. Here is an

example of a processor fan before and after being cleaned...